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8 simple healthy habits could increase your life expectancy by decades

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

8 simple healthy habits could increase or extend your life expectancy by as much as 24 years or more. A study of more than 700 thousand veterans following these aforementioned habits has shown them to survive substantially longer than those who don't. So what are these 8 habits, and how difficult is it to implement them consistently.

The study mentions that those who started adhering to these by middle age and stick to them demonstrably live dozens of years longer.

The first habit is being physically active, and living an active lifestyle. a watch out however is not to overdue activities that are taxing to your body in other areas.

Next is not smoking, and the third factor is not being addicted to opioids. The latter 3 alone are responsible for the greatest impact on many of the study subjects.

other factors are managing stress, having a good diet, and avoiding binge drinking.

not to be forgotten, is having healthy sleep habits, and a positive social ecosphere.

if these habits as mentioned about are started on as early as possible, mainly starting from a persons forties. Subjects have shown an improvement in life span of 24 years for men, and an average of 21 years more for women.

Relaxation and recovery to extend your life
Managing stress can contribute to a longer life expectancy

The study covered veterans from 2011 to 2019 and spanned individuals aged between 10 and 99. older individuals also so positive results, however much lesser than younger individuals.

The extensive study only reinforces what most believe about the simple and easy to adopt habits, bordering on platitudes. although it is difficult to stay disciplined in certain cases, and for certain people.

if an individual is unable to implement. The study shows that only one habit adopted as early as possible can increase your life expectancy by an average of 4.5 years, and the more the merrier.

healthy food and social life
Healthy eating and positive social relationships increase your life

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