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Olive oil in your regular diet, reduces the risk of dying from dementia substantially

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

you have heard many benefits attributed to olive oil. such as improving the health of your heart, your brain health, or even joints among other magical abilities that the Mediterranean staple is professed to contribute to your weld being. One benefit you probably have not heard of yet, and which will make you run to the store and get your own supply of "EVOO", is that Olive oil, when consumed with regularity, can protect you from dying from dementia.

Chef adding olive oil to a salad
Olive oil in your daily diet reduces risk of dying of dementia

A study of over 60 thousand women and more than 32 thousand men, found that incorporating olive oil in your regular diet, reduced the risk of dementia substantially. Olive oil antioxidant compounds are able to affect the brain directly as they can cross the blood brain barrier. it also reduces the risk of dementia by lowering the risk for cardio vascular disorders and diseases. in this regard, olive oil in your diet, is not the only factor that can affect you positively. other beneficial factors could be not smoking, healthier diet, and active lifestyle among others.

Adding as much as a a minimum of a tea spoon of olive oil in your diet, showed a tremendous effect in reducing the impact of risk factors associated with dementia. when study subjects used even more, closer to a table spoon daily. The effect was even greater, the risk lower, as much as 28% or more lower risk of dying from dementia. the results were recorded in participants whom were in their 50s and were observed over a period of 28 years or more, and compared to people whom never incorporated olive oil in their daily diet.

Some experts, however, caution that it is too early to tell for sure, and that more information is needed for categorical conclusions.

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