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Alternative and Less Popular Cardio Exercise Equipment

When you talk about cardio exercise equipment, there are just a few popular machines that immediately come into your mind. For sure they include the treadmill, the elliptical machines, the rowing machines, and the stationary bike. You should be reminded that there are still more cardio exercise machines available. It is just that the abovementioned ones are the most popular. They are also the most commonly found in gyms and fitness centers. If you do not enjoy using any of those, you may take a look at alternative or less popular cardio exercise equipment around.

Stair masters are actually more like treadmills. The only difference is that stair masters are used to facilitate climbing motion of your legs. Efficiency is easily achieved because the body weight is used to further push the steps down. Increasing the level of difficulty could pose greater challenge to bring about bigger cardio advantage.

Stair mills or step mills are usually described as ‘escalators coming from hell’. They are used as if you are stepping up local stadium steps. However, such steps may seem never ending. Step mills are more recommended to beginners. Even at lower settings, the machines could make the heart beat much faster. Increasing the level of difficulty would make the escalator go much faster so beware.

Family Jog, pushing a strawler and running

Versa climbers are among the best and most challenging cardio exercise equipment around. In general, this machine is among the least popular among cardio machines in almost every gym. Do not be surprised if you find it unused and just collecting dust. However, it is a very good cardio tool. It facilitates a movement as if you are climbing vertically. You would be forced to go against the natural gravity. The use of the machine could easily and effectively increase your heart rate.

Tread climbers are among the newest cardio exercise machines in the market. Manufacturers claim that the equipment is the best cardio exercise. Needless to say, tread climbers are combining the wonders of a treadmill and climbing equipment. You could not run on this one. You could only walk. However, the calories burned are much greater. When using this, remember not to put most of your body weight to the handles. To be safe, hold the handles firmly on your first try.

The arc trainer is non-impact cardio exercise equipment. You would be asked to step on 2 platforms. Start swinging your legs back and then forth. There is an adjustable resistance so you could better use speed. Non-impact cardio machines are best recommended for people suffering from chronic joint problems.

Lastly, hand ergometers are cardio exercise equipment for the handicapped. The item is highly recommended for people with broken legs, surgically repaired knee, and sprained ankle. In general, hand ergometers are better in increasing heart rates than almost any other cardio exercise equipment. This is because the arms, which are targeted by the machine, are logically closer to the heart than the legs. The machine is not exclusive to people with leg disabilities, though.


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