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"Flurona" Explained. What is '"Flurona" and What you Need to Know.

By now, you have heard of Omicron, and how it is spreading like wildfire throughout the entire world almost. The new buzz word lately, however, is what has been coined "Flurona". And before you go thinking it is a new variant, it most definitely is not, but rather simply refers to the instance of another Influenza pathogen infection while having Covid-19. In short, "Flurona" does not refer to a new strain of Covid, or even its own new disease, but rather denotes when a person has both Covid-19 and the Flu infections.

Reports that came out of Israel last week, spoke of such co-infection of Flu and Covid-19 in a pregnant woman. Since then, there have been multiple other occurrences of the same double infection in other countries around the world, and yes that includes some cases in the United States.

So is this a new phenomenon? Another thing to worry about on top of everything else? The simple answer is, no!

During the early onset of Covid-19, many were concerned about the prospect of a mixed infection that also includes the Flu. There have been, in fact, such cases of double infections recorded back then, even in the US. As early as spring of 2020.

There is no reason to panic, believing it is spreading fast. rather the feeling of more widespread cases is mostly due to the less stringent lockdown measures, less mask wearing, added to how fast the new Covid-19 strain, omicron, is spreading.

So does Flurona have symptoms? An obvious yes is the answer, and they are largely similar to the symptoms seen in Flu and Covid infections. People generally reported having sore throat, fever, runny nose, coughing, muscle aches, and diarrhea.

How do you protect yourself against the Flurona? The answer is to get vaccinated, against the Flu, as well as Covid. So far, in the few cases that have been reported, people who are vaccinated experienced milder infections as opposed to those who happened to be unvaccinated. The other option is to mask up.

Kids wearing masks to avoid infections
Kids wearing masks to avoid infections

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